Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What are the unique features of your websites? assigns a single numeric number between 0-100 to a location to indicate the quality of nearby public schools in US. It helps parents or home buyers quickly find the quality of schools in an area, before they delve into details of each individual school. Users can also click each school for detailed information such as student/tearcher ratio, students demographics, score history, enrollment etc. is a similar website for state-funded schools in United Kingdom (UK). is an innovative residential real estate search website that ranks searched homes by price/value ratio so that a home buyer can identify homes selling low easily & quickly. Just as Google ranks web search results, we re-rank real estates for sale. Home buyers can also know school quality of an address instantly through our school index and enjoy other novel features such as one-click direction, multiple-city search etc.

  2. What is school and real estate coverage of your websites? hosts nearly 100,000 public schools in US and there is no restriction on location for school index computation, provided the location can be correctly geocoded. Users are encouraged to report missing schools to help us improve. hosts nearly 20,000 state-funded schools and independent schools in United Kingdom (UK).

    We rank over 2,000,000 real estates for sale in US through
    If you would like to browse these schools or real estates for sale instead of searching them, start here.

  3. How do you calculate school index and estimated home values?
    We choose a small number of nearby schools to compute school index, though we list much more for user's convenience. The number of chosen schools for index computation is dynamically determined based on the location of interest and its nearby schools. Each school's current score (1-10) and its score history are main factors contributed to the index. We also take parents' comments into account, though their weight is smaller. If you are interested in seeing schools of a given city/town only, start here.

    We use our proprietary technology for home value estimation. When we first tried to predict a house's value as a hobby, a company called Zillow was not born yet. The results were surprisingly accurate. Today, our model evolved as a mixture of some kernel, some Baysian and some other methods. Interested users are welcome to compare our estimation with other websites.

  4. Can other webistes use your school index, or even your shool map on their sites? and how?
    Yes. Click here for details and here are a few examples. It takes only a second to generate a simple HTML snippet and you just copy and paste it to your site. Whether you would like to prove the value of your real estate for sale, or bring education quality of your area to people's attention, a single numeric number can help.

  5. Do you have mobile apps for your websites?
    Our iPhone and Android apps are on Apple App Store and Google Play now! Search "Public School Index" and start enjoying the easiness of searching nearby schools, homes for sale and finding the school quality of your current location on the go.

  6. Why sometimes an address is not recognized? We use Google map and sometimes it has errors. You may want to report the map error to Google.